Course Listings & Descriptions

Fall 2019

For Stamps Majors

  • For general information about degree requirements, registration and overrides, consult your Student Handbook. You can download each year's undergraduate handbook here.
  • If you have a quick question, email To schedule an appointment with an advisor, go to
  • If a course or course section is closed, add your name to the waitlist. Check your UM email daily for messages or for overrides. Overrides are issued daily, so pay attention.
  • Read “Things to Know about Registration” in theStudent Handbook. There is a section about overrides (p. 75 in the2018-2019 Handbook).
  • ArtDes 170-189 are courses for non-majors. You will not receive graduation credit if you enroll in one of these courses.
  • Final Help Day for walk-in assistance with your schedule is Thursday, April 18, 4:00-5:00pm

For Stamps Minors

Stamps minors must be officially declared to receive priority consideration for a seat in a course. Prospective minors should begin their exploration here.

For Non-Majors

Read the information below about Stamps (ArtDes) courses and about overrides. We are glad to have you in our courses as space permits.

For Graduate Students

Graduate students who want to enroll in courses numbered 100-399 should attend the first class meeting and request an override from the instructor at that time. Graduate students who wish to take a 400-level course should contact the instructor to discuss their qualifications for the course.

About Stamps (ArtDes) Courses

  • Courses numbered 100-151 are open to Stamps majors, and to Stamps minors and other undergraduate students, by override and if space permits. Students who enroll in these courses can drop only with permission of the department.
  • ArtDes 160, the Penny Stamps lecture series, is open to all UM undergraduates. Eighty seats are reserved for Stamps minors and non-majors.
  • Courses numbered 170-189 are open to undergraduate non-majors. Overrides are issued from the waitlist only.
  • Courses numbered 190-199 are open to all UM undergraduates. Overrides are issued from the waitlist only.
  • Courses numbered 200-499 are open to Stamps majors and to Stamps minors, by override.
  • Most courses in Stamps have course fees. If you withdraw from a course within the first 3 weeks, your course fee will be refunded. Course fees for specific courses can be found by clicking on the course description in the course guide.
  • The Stamps Advising Blog has helpful information on registration, especially regarding the addition of new courses or of additional course sections.

About Stamps Overrides

Overrides are no longer being issued for Fall 2019 courses.