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Information for Parents and Families

Learn more about supporting your student as they apply to Stamps.

A close-knit community exists at the Stamps School of Art and Design. We are committed to a culture of care that is conducive to a positive, well-rounded educational and creative experience for students. 

Having a strong support system helps students thrive in their studies as they work toward earning their degree. We are here for both students and their families, and encourage families to use this website as a resource to help navigate the Stamps School’s application process.

Stamps Admissions Requirements

For students who are interested in applying to Stamps, here are some quick facts about our requirements:

  • U‑M does not require ACT/SAT test scores for students applying for Fall 2023 

  • At Stamps, we look for at least a 3.0 GPA

  • A portfolio of work must be submitted for consideration

For detailed information, view full application information and instructions.

Affording the Dream of a University of Michigan Degree

We know you and your student put a high value on a quality educational experience, and that it is often necessary to pull together a wide variety of resources to create an exceptional and affordable four year journey. At Stamps, we are here to guide you and support you on the process for financing the pursuit of a degree. 

Current tuition information and information on opportunities for financial aid is readily available to students and their families, along with the helpful tips many families rely on to help with costs. 

For Michigan residents, the University of Michigan offers the popular Go Blue Guarantee, an innovative and free tuition program for qualified students.

To apply for federal student aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using U‑M’s federal code 002325. The FAFSA is available on October 1 at no cost to students. You will be considered for Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, and Federal Direct Loans as well as the Michigan Competitive Scholarship, Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver, and Work-Study.

If you wish to be considered for U‑M grants and merit scholarships that address need, as well as Stamps need-based scholarships, you should also complete the CSS Profile using U‑M’s CSS code 1839 to ensure that we receive your information. The CSS Profile is also available on October 1 each year.

    All Stamps students are considered for merit-based scholarships at the time of application — there’s no extra” scholarship form to fill out. Our Undergraduate Handbook has more information about current student scholarship offerings that are available after your student completes their first year at Stamps.

    Learn more about U‑M Financial Aid for new undergraduates and transfer students.

    Important Deadlines

    Help students submit materials by these key dates to qualify for financial aid, scholarships, and opportunities to live on campus.

    October 1

    Get started on your financial aid: the FAFSA (school code 002325) and CSS Profile open (school code 1839) on October 1 annually. U‑M suggests that you apply for financial aid before being accepted or enrolling.

    November 1

    Early Action Application Deadline: applying Early Action increases your chances of admission and allows you to be considered for the Rogel Scholarship, a scholarship which meets a student’s remaining unmet need after financial aid and grants. View full application information and instructions here.

    December 15

    Suggested filing date for the FAFSA (school code 002325) and U‑M CSS Profile (school code 1839).

    February 1

    Regular Decision Application Deadline: your Common Application and Slideroom portfolio must be submitted by this date to be considered for Fall admission. View full application information and instructions here.

    March 31

    Filing Deadline for the FAFSA (school code 002325) and U‑M CSS Profile (school code 1839).

    Special Events for Students & Families

    We hope you were able to attend our Fall 2022 event series — Application Prep, Career Connections: Stamps Alumni Panel, Financial Aid Navigation, and Family Night — designed to help students and their families navigate the college application process. Click below for a video recording of our Financial Aid Navigation session.

    A student and family members gathered in front of work at the 2022 Senior Exhibition

    Financial Aid Navigation (Virtual)

    You’re a parent or guardian of a talented student with questions on how they’ll pay for their education - Are there scholarships available? How does financial aid work? How do I complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile? In this Zoom event, members of the U-M Office of Financial Aid will walk you through the financial aid process so that a college education can be a reality for your student.

    Check out a video recording of our November 9, 2022 session.

    Watch Video

    We’re Here for You

    Our dedicated team of experts is ready to help. The Stamps Admissions Team is happy to work directly with you and your student to ensure they get their questions answered and their materials submitted. Contact us at stamps-​admissions@​umich.​edu!