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International Experience

An international experience is an important part of the Stamps curriculum.

Undergraduate International Experience

When aspiring artists and designers are given the opportunity to step out of a familiar environment and observe another culture, where the role and status assigned to artists and designers may be radically different than the U.S., it fosters creative insights, encourages independence, and prepares students to negotiate difference and adapt to unfamiliar situations. The changed perspective gained through this process of observing, adapting, and adjusting makes students better global citizens and more competitive for employment, fellowships, and graduate school.

The Stamps School of Art & Design International Experience prepares students to thrive in culturally diverse settings as they bring their design and art practices into the world. The objectives for these International Experiences are to:

    • Challenge students to experience their art and design practices in new cultures
    • Facilitate development of personal and professional connections with designers and artists from diverse cultures
    • Increase student interest in and ability to negotiate diverse cultures
    • Increase student independence and adaptability

    The International Experience is required for all BA in Art & Design and BFA in Art & Design students except those whose permanent address is not in the U.S., who are enrolled in the BFA in Interarts Performance, or who are enrolled in the Art & Design minor. The require­ment can be ful­filled through a Stamps-sponsored study abroad pro­gram; an approved intern­ship; or, an inde­pen­dent research, vol­un­teer, or ser­vice-learn­ing expe­ri­ence that has been pre-approved. Stamps pre-approved program locations include Costa Rica, Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the U.K., and more. The International Experience needs to be at least three weeks in duration, located outside the US, and take place after matriculation at U‑M but not during the first year at Stamps or during the Sopho­more Review semester.

    Visit the Stamps International Experience Canvas site (access restricted to current students) for detailed information on the requirement, partner programs, and resources to help you prepare for your time abroad.

    Graduate International Experience

    Summer field research is a vital component of the MFA program, and Stamps supports a 3‑credit, three- to five-week international or domestic project for all graduate students in good academic standing. Emphasis is placed on working internationally, and students are strongly encouraged to seek projects abroad. Crossing political and cultural boundaries to immerse oneself in other ways of perceiving and interpreting the world generates global perspective, new life experiences and creative insights. The experience will yield heightened self-awareness, increased knowledge and access to new networks that will strengthen the student’s subsequent opportunities, including invitations to serve as resident artists, participate in exhibitions or other kinds of collaborations, provide opportunities for applications for Fulbright fellowships and other post-graduate funding opportunities.

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