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Admissions FAQ

Learn more about the undergraduate admissions process at Stamps. If your question isn't answered here, let us know.

Applying to Stamps

  • Prospective and Admitted Students and Free Speech

    Our prospective and admitted students have an ongoing responsibility to inform the University of Michigan of any changes to their disciplinary and/or criminal history until they begin their first term of enrollment at U-M. In accordance with our policy, students should disclose any criminal conduct or disciplinary action taken by their high school. However, the context and rationale for these actions is always taken into consideration. The University of Michigan is a public university in a democratic society with a commitment to free speech. We value the right of students to exercise their voices and engage in lawful protest on issues that are important to them. Our university community is currently engaging in deep exploration of issues related to free speech as a cornerstone of American democracy.

    If you have an update to provide or a question about the policy, please contact the Stamps Admissions team.

  • When should I complete the FAFSA to be considered for financial aid?

    Visit the University of Michigan's Financial Aid site for detailed timelines and deadline information.

    FAFSA School Code for the University of Michigan is 002325; CSS Profile School Code is 1839.

  • Can I transfer to Stamps from another college or university?

    Yes! Learn more about the transfer process here.

  • Does Stamps offer Pre-College programs for High School students?
  • Can I visit and tour Stamps?
  • Is a portfolio required for my Stamps application?

    Yes! Your portfolio counts for 50% of our admissions decision.

    Your portfolio is an expression of who you are as a creative thinker and maker. Choose pieces that best reflect that. Keep in mind that your application will be considered complete only after you have submitted your portfolio.

  • What is National Portfolio Day and why should I attend?

    National Portfolio Day is a college fair for art and design schools, with the added benefit that students can have their portfolios reviewed by school representatives. It is an opportunity to have access to dozens of schools from around the country in one place. There are many National Portfolio Day events throughout the country, from September to May. Visit our Admissions Events page to learn more about the NPDA events Stamps will attend.

  • How do I apply to Stamps?

    It’s easy! Follow these simple steps to successfully apply to the Stamps School at the University of Michigan.

  • What kind of grades do I need to have to get into Stamps?

    Students admitted to Stamps have an average GPA of 3.7. Don’t forget, these are averages, not minimums - and academics are only part of our admissions evaluation. Your portfolio is going to count for about 50% of our admissions decision.

  • Application Changes and COVID-19 Impacts

    Your high school experience has been impacted by COVID-19 in unprecedented ways. The University of Michigan has adjusted application requirements to address these impacts. Highlights include:

    • Students will not be disadvantaged if they received pass/fail, credit/no credit, or other COVID-related grades during the winter/spring/summer 2019-20 and fall 2020 semesters.
    • We will consider any impacted student who would like to apply, regardless of ability to sit for the SAT1 or ACT tests.
    • The inability to provide AP test scores will not impact the review of an application.
    • Letters of recommendation can come from someone other than a teacher (assuming that they are not your relative, with exceptions for relatives who provide homeschool instruction to the applicant). This might include a community based organization educator or academic support program professional.

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