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COVID-19 Impacts

Your high school experience has been impacted by COVID-19 in unprecedented ways. The University of Michigan has adjusted application requirements to address these impacts. Highlights include:

  • Students will not be disadvantaged if they received pass/​fail, credit/​no credit, or other COVID-related grades during the winter/​spring/​summer 2019 – 20 and fall/​winter/​spring/​summer 2020 – 21 semesters.
  • We will consider any impacted student who would like to apply, regardless of ability to sit for the SAT1 or ACT tests.
  • The inability to provide AP test scores will not impact the review of an application.
  • Letters of recommendation can come from someone other than a teacher (assuming that they are not your relative). This might include a community based organization educator or academic support program professional.


Contact the Stamps Admissions Team.