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With some of the best studio spaces in the country, we have the tools and support that you need to bring your ideas to life.

Our stu­dios have every­thing you need to cre­ate work in clay, fibers, met­als, paint­ing, draw­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy, print­mak­ing, sculp­ture, wood work­ing, rapid pro­to­typ­ing, and video production.

Try­ing out a media or method for the first time? We hope so! Our ded­i­cat­ed Studio Coordinators — all accom­plished pro­fes­sion­al artists, design­ers, and edu­ca­tors — are here to help you every step of the way. Learn more about these unique spaces below, and vis­it the Stamps Studios Canvas site for addi­tion­al information.

AAA 0652

Animation/Video Lab

The Animation/Video Lab offers a quiet and comfortable space for students to connect their laptops to high resolution displays for editing video work as well as a variety of animation production equipment. Students can explore multiple animation workflows with animation desks, multiplane cameras, a stop motion table, and Dragonframe workstations.

Work Commons

Ann & Bob Aikens Work Commons

Ann & Bob Aikens Work Commons is an open-format space where students can undertake large-scale collaborations. The space readily adapts to the needs of the students with mobile tables, multi-purpose and stackable mobile storage units, and flexible lighting options for work and presentation.


Ceramics Studio

The Ceramics Studio is home to 15 electric wheels, a kick wheel, and a large handbuilding space with an extruder and a slab roller. Facilities also include a slip-mixer, a glaze lab, spray booth, 8 indoor kilns and an outdoor raku kiln. Students work with the studio stoneware clay made via clay mixer and pugmill right here in the studio.

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Design Studios

These rooms have northern exposure for excellent natural lighting, and plenty of space for classes, team projects, and critiques. Our letterpress and type library are also found here.

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Digital Fabrication Studios

The Digital Fabrication Studios house equipment for 3D Printing, CNC Milling/Routing, Vinyl Cutting, and Laser Cutting.

Print Media

Digital Print Lab

The Digital Print Lab is outfitted with 11 workstations connected to individual archival inkjet printers. Computer monitors and printers have all been color calibrated for optimal color reproduction and the lab is lit with full-spectrum 5500K fluorescent lighting.

Dig Media Commons

Digital Work Commons

The Digital Work Commons contains all the equipment you need for your digital image making. The studio is home to a 2-color Risograph, a UV printer, and a 44” large format inkjet printer alongside several nicely equipped Mac and PC workstations hosting a suite of advanced animation and 3D imaging software, each with their own 27” Cintiq.

Documentation studio

Documentation Studio

Located inside the Ann & Bob Aikens Work Commons, the Documentation Studio has equipment to quickly and efficiently document small to medium 2D and 3D work. This equipment includes a pre-lit photo booth for 3D objects, seamless backdrop paper, easy to use LED lighting, and a large format 2D copy stand.

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Drawing Studios

The Drawing Studios feature large, north-facing windows that provide plenty of natural daylight. These rooms are equipped with drawing tables, stools, and sinks for cleanup.

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Duderstadt Center

Directly across the street from the School, the Duderstadt Center provides state-of-the-art electronic media labs, a large video and performance studio, an audio recording studio, and a library housing an extensive collection of art and design books, journals and digital resources.


Equipment Checkout Office

The Equipment Checkout Office, or ECHO for short, provides Stamps students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of resources at no cost to the user. ECHO focuses primarily on offering audio/visual equipment, but it also provides a range of drawing and animation tools.

AAA 9373

Fiber Studios

The Fiber Studios include three rooms: the Weaving Studio, the Print and Dye Studio, and the Sewing Studio. Students can weave large or small-scale projects on two sizes of looms, screen print and dye practically anything, and make patterns to sew projects that range from industrial design to quilts, clothing, and soft sculpture.

MG 9123

Maskell Metals Studios

Named in honor of Richard and Odette Maskell, the Maskell Metals Studios offer equipment for welding, forging, soldering, casting, enameling, cold ­forming, shearing, cutting, milling, lathing, grinding, and plasma cutting.

The Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Studio has equipment for soldering, forming, casting, powder coating, enameling, etching , casting, and sandblasting.

DSC 0068 2

MDes Studio

MDes students conduct their creative work in the MDes Studio, a new collaborative space within a 33,000 square-foot facility that also houses faculty studios, a multi-purpose shop, digital media equipment, and large shared working and meeting spaces. The MDes Studio has been designed to support collaboration — it is flexible and reconfigurable, with spaces and tools for both group and individual work, as well as a broad range of prototyping processes.

People view an exhibition of MFA work at the faculty and graduate studios.

MFA Studios

MFA students conduct their creative work in spacious, fully equipped individual studios in a 33,000 square-foot building that also houses faculty studios, project spaces, wood shop, metals shop, digital media studio, and large shared working and meeting areas.

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Painting Studios

The Painting Studios have large, north-facing windows that provide abundant natural daylight. Studios are equipped with canvas storage racks, easels, rolling carts, sinks, and solvent disposal containers. They’re also ventilated to prevent the buildup of paint fumes.


Photo/Video Studio

Use the Photo/Video Studio to document your large scale work, for photo/video shoots, or as a temporary installation studio. The studio features skylights with controllable shades, retractable seamless backdrops in a range of colors, and easy to use LED lighting equipment.

Jill at Stamps
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Sculpture Studios

In the Sculpture Studios, you'll find space and support for a broad selection of processes, including clay modeling, product design prototyping, woodworking, and hand work and assembly. The metal shop is home to processes for steel and aluminum fabrication, welding and forging, and is well outfitted with tools and machinery including a water jet and CNC plasma cutters. The foundry is equipped for ceramic shell lost wax casting in bronze or aluminum.

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Senior Studios

All Stamps seniors enrolled in the Integrative Project course or the BA Senior Studio course are awarded individual, dedicated studios to use while working on their capstone projects. The studios give seniors a space to manage their own creative process and to plan, conceptualize, reconceptualize, build and rebuild these projects with the help and guidance of peers and faculty advisors.

VAG 2338


The Art and Architecture Woodshop is a jointly held facility, serving the Stamps School of Art & Design and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. ‘The shop’ is the place to get your hands on traditional woodworking machinery and hand tools, but it is also home to machinery for metal and plastic work and two CNC laser cutters. This is a vital incubator space for all kinds of prototype fabrication, from simple material preparations to sophisticated design models.