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Laura Mackie

Graduate Student, MFA Program

Laura Mackie


Curriculum Vitae
  • BFA, Visual Art, Flagler College

My name is Laura Mackie, and I am an interdisciplinary artist creating work that reflects my fascination with the human mind. I received my BFA in 2022 from Flagler College in my home state of Florida.

The underlying theme of my work is, at its core, perception. My interests lay in the intersection of the inner and outer worlds - an objective, physical reality, and our interpretation of it. In particular, it is instances of incongruence between these states that capture my attention. Moments in which the mind fails us - when delusion blooms, memory breaks down, and emotion supersedes logic - the significance of our own perception becomes apparent.

The relationship between a medium and message is perhaps the most important aspect of an artwork to me. Whether I start with a conceptual or material inquiry, my goal is to arrive at a point where the form of a piece is essential to its concept, and vice versa. As such, my practice is highly interdisciplinary. Besides this variety being necessary to my work, I find immense joy in learning- whether that be developing a new skill, or better understanding my world. That being said, I am particularly fond of printmaking of all varieties, embroidery, installation, and lens based art.