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The image shows a quilt composed of 36 screenshots printed onto white fleece. The screenshots show individual social media posts, with texts pertaining to the QAnon conspiracy. The texts are primarily reactions to the January 6th Insurrection. Some express doubt and frustration in response to the their unfullfilled expectations, while most double down on their beliefs.

Dissonance Rationalization

Laura Mackie

Fleece, cotton, natural dye, 2021


As part of my "When Prophesy Fails," series, "Dissonance Rationalization" is a 36 panel quilt, sewing together screenshots of alt-right social media posts created by advocates of the QAnon conspiracy. The title of both this piece and the collection reference a classic study in social psychology. In converting appropriated text into a functional object, the movement is framed as fulfilling a real need in the psyche of these victims. The choice to take the form of a quilt references the search for security and comfort that attracts vulnerable individuals to these movements, as well as its appeal to those seeking community.