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The image shows six linocut prints in black and white. The first, "Momento Mori" depicts a skull with plants growing around and through it. The second, "King O' the Cats" shows a black cat wearing a crown, and expressing surprise or alarm. "Snake Oil," is a snake in a bottle. Starting on the bottom row, "Bottle Tree" depicts long necked bottles swinging in the wind, hanging from strings attacked to a tree branch. "Hair Jewelry" is next, and features a locket containing woven strands of hair. Finally, "The Crossroads" shows an empty intersection surrounded by grass.

The Unknown Oracle

Laura Mackie

Linocut, printed on cardstock with archival ink, 2022


"The Unknown Oracle" is a fifteen-card oracle deck, with each card featuring an original linocut print. Intended to be handled as a functional object, this work uses the practice of tarot reading to encourage the audience to engage critically with the artwork and the piece of folklore or folk tradition that inspired it.