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Quinn Alexandria Hunter

Assistant Professor

Quinn Alexandria Hunter Profile Photo


Curriculum Vitae
  • MFA, Sculpture + Expanded Practice, Ohio University
  • Post Bac, Ceramics, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • BFA, New Media and Design, University of North Carolina

Quinn Alexandria Hunter is a sculpture and performance artist who works primarily with hair and the African American female body as material. She was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and did her MFA work at Ohio University. Recipient of the I. Hollis Parry/Ann Parry Billman Award (2019), Quinn has exhibited and performed nationally. She is interested in the erasure of history from spaces, and how the contemporary uses of space impacts the way we, as a culture, see the past.

Her practice revolves around uncovering and unveiling truths. Digging into the histories of African Americans to find spaces and memories that have been lost, erased, or covered. With that information, she makes work that references specific spaces in the area to bring forth information that has been lost to time and erasure. Contending with erasure of Black bodies from historic and contemporary spaces, Hunter looks at the way erasure of historic labor is connected to the contemporary and how it affects space around us. The erasing of labor renders bodies, the spaces they work in, and the work itself, invisible. This erasure of labor is amplified in the labor done by women of color, in particular, the labor done by African American women in contemporary and historic domestic spaces. Through the use of her own labor and material resistance, she is combating and interrupting erasure by reinscribing the erased labor of historic African American women and allowing their work to be remembered through her own contemporary labor.