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Jessie Karlsberger

Graduate Student, MFA Program

A black and white photograph of Jessie Karlsberger, a man with a beard wearing a large scarf


Curriculum Vitae
  • BFA, Printmaking, Wright State University

Jessie Karlsberger is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of painting, drawing, comics, printmaking, and book arts. Graduating from Wright State University in 2015 with a focus in printmaking, Karlsberger went on to serve as the instructor of bookbinding at Rhode Island School of Design from 2020-2022 and is the co-creator of Backbone Bindery in Pawtucket Rhode Island.

His current work explores intersections of reality and fiction, and the production of narrative through sequential or repeat imagery. Through a combination of abstraction and gestural realism, an emphasis is placed on the traces of the artist’s presence and emphasizes the interpretive role of the viewer. The work explores the simultaneity of accumulation and repetition, and approaches image-production as a kind of visual language in which formal elements such as scale, mark-making, and line combine to either clarify or obscure intent – thus focusing on the context-specific relationship between images when viewed in sequence.