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An up-close frontal view of a rectangular pink and white, wall-hanging sculpture in the shape of a word ballon. The pink background is sanded, and some of the surface underneath is visible and light brown. The word bubble is white, made of plaster, and is raised from the pink surface. The balloon's tail curves and points downward, and to the right hand corner.

One of Two

Jessie Karlsberger

Plaster and Pigment on MDF


Karlsberger's current work explores intersections of reality and fiction, and the production of narrative through sequential or repeat imagery. His process involves a combination of abstraction and gestural mark-making which aims to emphasize the interpretive role of the viewer. The work explores the simultaneity of accumulation and repetition, and approaches image production as a kind of visual language in which formal elements such as scale, mark-making, and line combine to either clarify or obscure content.