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Andy Maticorena Kajie

Graduate Student, MFA Program

Portrait of Andy Maticorena Kajie


Curriculum Vitae
  • BFA, Photography & Video, School of Visual Arts

Andy Maticorena Kajie is a photo-based interdisciplinary artist who holds a BFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. His work primarily focuses on the ephemeral relationship between photographic imagery, time, memory, and psychological disorders.

Photographs, much like memory, are an inconsistent representation of reality. This glitch between what most consider to be two constants, is where Andy’s work resides. His current body of work consists of hanging, disintegrating photo-sculptures, time-based installations, and traditional photographic work. He takes interest in working with time as a medium, thus creating objects that are ephemeral and ever-changing in nature, as well as kinetic artworks that can never be viewed the same way more than once.

Through these means of creation, Andy explores memory as it functions from a psychological perspective, often using mundane objects as vessels for recollection, or transforming photographs in order to induce a sense of lost time. This exploration extends into various areas of interest such as mental health disorders, psychiatry and photographic theory.

Andy has exhibited work in New York City and New Jersey, including two solo exhibitions; selection for the School of Visual Arts BFA Photography and Video department Mentors 2023 exhibition, as well as L.A. Photo Curator’s Top 40 Images of 2021.