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The portfolio review process is a critical aspect of the creative journey at the Stamps School. Participating in an individual portfolio review provides opportunities for students to receive expert one-on-one feedback about their work, guidance on the preparation and presentation of work, and advice on what makes a web portfolio most effective when sharing with potential employers.

By participating in this program, volunteers will:

  • Provide feedback on student work
  • Provide advice on the elements of effective web portfolios including media categorization, ease of navigation, examples of process, contextualization, and more
  • Discuss what employers are looking for when hiring for internships and/or job opportunities
Volunteer Commitment

Participation will be virtual and all review meetings will be conducted on Zoom.

  • As a volunteer, you may participate in as many meetings as your schedule allows. Availability will be requested and updated each academic year (or more frequently if needed).
Time commitment
  • You will work directly with the students to schedule zoom meetings that fit your schedules. Each meeting is expected to last 20 to 30 minutes.

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