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The annual Stamps Portfolio Expo provides an opportunity for students to get expert feedback on their work, explore various careers, and participate in professional networking. Stamps welcomes organizations from the non-profit and commercial sectors to engage one-on-one with our students, and allows participating organizations the opportunity to recruit some of the most creative young talent anywhere.

The submission process on the part of students purposely mimics applying for an internship or job:

  • Students submit a resume and link to portfolio in advance
  • Participating organizations/employers review the submitted materials and select with whom they wish to meet on the day of the event
  • Organizations/employers can select up to 9 students to review (unless they are sending multiple reviewers)
  • The event lasts for 3 hours and each review is scheduled for 20 minutes (e.g., 11:00, 11:20, 11:40, etc.)

By participating in this program, volunteers will:

  • Have the chance to hire Stamps students for internships and jobs
  • Give expert feedback to students on their work
  • Make suggestions on how students’ work and presentation materials can be improved
  • Connect or reconnect with Stamps in a meaningful way
Volunteer Commitment

Participation in this event can be either in-person or virtual.


The Portfolio Expo is scheduled on a Thursday in mid-February for those who wish to participate virtually, and the subsequent Friday for those who wish to participate in person.

  • On both days, the event runs from 11am to 2pm
  • You can see students every 20 minutes for a maximum of 9 students in 3 hours
  • Student materials are submitted to you in a timely manner to decide which students you would like to review

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