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About GSI and GSSA Employment

Visit the U-M Human Resources site for information about graduate student instructor (GSI) and graduate student staff assistant (GSSA) employment.

Brian Banks Staff Excellence Award

Fund Summary

This Fund was established to honor the significant contributions of beloved staff member Brian Banks’ exemplary work and energy to create community among students, staff, and alums alike. Since he first joined the School in 1998, Brian was dedicated and passionate in his commitment to student success and unity around shared values. This Fund will annually award the Brian Banks Staff Excellence Award to a current staff member who embodies the characteristics that Brian exemplified during his tenure at Stamps. They will be passionate in their creative voice, inspirational to those in our community, and are chosen on the basis of their exemplary work and achievements.

Recipients will receive:

  • An individual cash award of $1,000.
  • A framed award certificate.
  • Public recognition in the Spring.
Eligibility Criteria

The Brian Banks Staff Excellence Award will be received by a current Penny W. Stamps School staff member to recognize the significant contributions to the Stamps School. Recipients of the Brian Banks Staff Excellence Award will be chosen on the basis of their exemplary work and unique achievements in creating community and a sense of belonging. The award is intended to serve as tangible evidence of the Stamps School’s appreciation of its outstanding staff members.

When reviewing nominations, a Selection Committee will look for examples of sustained excellence in an individual’s service. Consideration will be given to nominees who have made significant contributions or possess special qualities and attributes.

Nominees must:

  • Have a minimum of one year of service to the Stamps School of Art & Design in a regular staff position
  • Have a sustained record of superior performance
  • Promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for the Stamps community
  • Have made a significant, measurable, and attributable long-term contribution to the mission/goals of the school.

Selection of the recipients will be based only on the information provided as part of the nomination process. All nomination materials remain confidential.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be received from faculty, staff and students to the Selection Committee. This Committee will make a ranked list of recommendations to the Dean of the Stamps School, who will choose the award recipient. Nominations will be received via online form.

The form includes the following:

  • A brief statement describing the characteristics and attributes of the nominee.
  • A description of the nominee’s involvement in the Stamps School and U-M community.
  • An anecdote or example that illustrates why the nomination is being received.

Click here to make a nomination →

Selection Committee

The selection committee will include the Stamps School Chief of Staff (or senior HR staff of the school), the most recent past award recipient, and a staff member at large to be identified by the Stamps dean. The selected staff member should not be a current nominee, though may be a previous nominee or recipient. If no current staff member is eligible to participate, a representative from the school’s Executive Committee will serve in this capacity.

Additional Information

This award is made possible by an anonymous donor. In recognition of their generosity, recipients will be asked to complete a questionnaire and message of gratitude, as well as to consider filming a short video message to share more about themselves. The Selection Committee will inform all nominees of their nomination via email. A slide deck of all nominated individuals will be used at commencement as public recognition of all the nominees.

Instructor Absences

Instructors are asked to observe the procedures in the linked document below when an absence impacts instructional and/or other school obligations.

Lecturer Review Guidelines

Please see the following documents for information on lecturer review timetables, criteria, and procedures.

LEO Lecturer Workload Standards

Updated: January 1, 2022

Teaching Workload

In the Stamps School, the normal 100% teaching load for a LEO Lecturer is six (6) courses per University Year, three (3) each during the fall and winter terms.


Lecturers holding the title of LEO Lecturer III or LEO Lecturer IV will be assigned administrative and/or service duties as part of their ongoing appointment. Examples of these duties include but are not limited to curricula development, workshop delivery for classes across the curricula, and providing consultation services to other faculty. The nature of these duties will be defined in the Lecturer’s initial appointment letter and updated as needed.

Office Hours

Stamps faculty are not required to maintain office hours.

Payment Request Forms

To pay a corporation, or an individual acting as a corporation, please contact the Stamps Finance Office.

To pay an individual, please use the following form(s):

Stamps School Award for Lecturer Excellence

The Stamps School Award for Lecturer Excellence recognizes outstanding teaching contributions that engage and inspire the Stamps School community. This yearly award to a member of the Lecturer faculty cohort will be selected from nominations by Stamps students, alumni, lecturers, tenured / tenure track faculty and staff.

The recipient of the Stamps School Award for Lecturer Excellence will receive $2,000.


Stamps School faculty who hold the title of Lecturer I, II, III or Lecturer IV will be eligible for the Stamps School Lecturer Award. To be eligible, a nominee must have successfully completed an interim review and not be on full layoff at the time they are nominated.

Selection Criteria
  • Energetic and sustained commitment to teaching and mentoring
  • Creating an inclusive learning environments
  • Positive impact on students’ creative and personal growth
  • For Lec III and IV, providing significant service and administrative contributions

Nomination and Selection Process

Students, alums, lecturers, tenured/tenure track faculty colleagues can nominate a lecturer for the Stamps Lecturer Award with the nomination form linked below. See the nomination form for full instructions, deadlines, and selection process timeline.

The Stamps Executive Committee will review all nominations, evaluate each based on the selection criteria noted above, and select the award recipient.

Working from Home / Telecommuting / Workflex

The University recognizes that the way that people work is evolving, and units may explore a range of options (differing schedules, locations, etc.) to match the needs of employees and units. This practice is referred to as workflex.

Workflex arrangements may take many forms including: flexible start/stop times for an employee’s regular work schedule; “flexplace” or telecommuting arrangements; occasional “comp” time for exempt employees when additional work hours are required; phased retirement; and a compressed work schedule (ex. 4 10-hour days vs. 5 8-hour days).