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From Here to There

A vision of Stamps MFA alum Stephanie Brown Fleming, From Here to There is a series of interviews with Stamps Alums who graduated in the last 5 to 10 years talking about how they got FROM college to where they are now (THERE). These interviews include the nuts and bolts about how alums got their first job, moved across the country, and figured out a lot of stuff that current students (and other alums) need to know!

By participating in this program, volunteers will:

  • Talk about what you wish someone had told you while you were still a student
  • Have a great story to tell? This gives you a platform to tell it!
  • Share advice for what students should be doing now and later
Volunteer Commitment

This is a one hour virtual interview. Sample questions will be provided in advance.

  • One or two interviews per semester, usually on a Tuesday evening
Additional notes
  • Interviews are recorded so students can access them at any time asynchronously

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