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Mike Vitale

Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator


  • Email: Mike Vitale
  • Office: 1075 AA
  • Phone: (734) 764-4577
Photograph of Mike Vitale


As Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator, Mike Vitale manages the Digital Fabrication Studio and the metalsmithing/jewlery design studio spaces, ensuring proper usage and maintaing equipment and supplies. The Digital Fabrication are consists of 3 rooms (Laser cutter room, CNC room, and workspace which includes vinyl cutters and 3D printers). The metals area consists of a classroom and a work room (soldering, casting, forming, etching, cutting, etc).

Vitale has exhibited his work across the nation and continues to be an active artist in digital fabrication and metalsmithing fields.

Vitale joined the A&D staff in 2007, and enjoys contributing his knowledge and imparting his excitement for the fields to A&D students.