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Hannah Buchanan

Graduate Student, MFA Program

Portrait of Hannah Buchanan


Curriculum Vitae
  • BA, Studio Art, DePauw University

Hannah Buchanan is a 2022 graduate of DePauw University, where she holds a BA in Studio Art and minors in Geology and Art History.

Hannah considers her paintings obsessions that she uses to preserve family history and memories. She has recently focused on her experience growing up at her family’s gas station and her grandparents’ house. By capturing specific details of spaces she has experienced, she builds worlds that reward viewers through close-looking.

In addition to still life and portrait work, Hannah’s portfolio is largely composed of landscapes inspired by her home in rural Indiana. She is interested in the creation of the landscape and how it has the power to write its own stories. She also wants to further study the natural and cultural histories that can be found in nature, particularly in rock formations, and how these histories are lost, retained, and transformed by physical forces over time.

Hannah also explores her mixed heritage in her works, unpacking her internal conflicts as a member of the Myaamia Nation. She believes art is a method of preservation and storytelling that has the potential to carry on generations of cultural information and hopes to delve into this in future works.

Hannah’s recent artistic experience includes serving as a teaching assistant for painting at DePauw University from 2022-2023 and receiving an artist-in-residence position at Guadalupe Mountains National Park for summer 2023.