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Geetha Rukmini Thatikonda

Academic Advisor


Headshot of Geetha Rukmini Thatikonda


Curriculum Vitae
  • M.Ed, Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology, Harvard University
  • PGD, Liberal Arts, Ashoka University
  • BVA, Painting, Bangalore University

In her role as Academic Advisor at Stamps, Geetha Thatikonda integrates all her experience as an educator, learning designer, and curriculum developer. With a background in both India and the United States, Geetha brings a diverse and unique perspective to her role, embracing the cultural richness and educational practices from both regions.

As an advisor, she finds immense joy in observing students' innate curiosity and enthusiasm; she fosters an environment that encourages exploration and growth to help guide students towards their academic and personal goals. With a creative and adaptable mindset, Geetha approaches complex challenges with a fresh and innovative approach. She leverages her expertise in design thinking to navigate educational obstacles effectively. Geetha's unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures that her work is deeply rooted in thorough research and encompasses a broad spectrum of learning theories and pedagogical approaches. She believes in creating inclusive educational environments that anticipate and respond to the diverse needs of students, fostering an atmosphere of belonging and respect.

Geetha holds a strong conviction in the transformative power of education and its ability to empower individuals. One of her true passions lies in integrating the arts and socio-emotional learning into educational materials. Recognizing the profound impact these elements have on students' holistic development, she founded and led an art curriculum called Evolve through Art in low-resource schools in India while she pursued the Teach for India fellowship.