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To honor the University of Michigan Class of 2021, 29 undergraduate students from the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design created a chalk paint mural on the street outside of the Rackham Graduate School (915 E. Washington Street), between Thayer Street and Fletcher Street. The mural is on view from Monday, April 26-Sunday, May 2, 2021 as part of the university’s commencement celebrations.

UM Grad Street Painting21023

The students were led by Stamps alumnas Yen Azzaro (BFA 03) and Liz Guilmet (BFA 08), in collaboration with the President’s Office and University Development Events. 

Visitors to this outdoor mural are expected to follow social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering over the nose and mouth, per U‑M COVID safety protocols.

The mural will communicate feelings of appreciation, accomplishment, and an unforgettable Michigan experience to our graduating class of 2021, broader campus community, and Ann Arbor city residents.

According to Azzaro, activist artist, illustrator and graphic recorder, the work came together as part of a collaborative process involving students who assisted with mural design, installation, or both. Students submitted design concepts to Azzaro and Guilmet, who worked together to parse out the most viable elements, translating the work into a final design schematic. The final design was digitally rendered into a grid and each section was led by a student who oversaw the materials, painting, and team communications.

Collaborating on this mural has been a testament to the talent and ingenuity of the students at Stamps,” Azzaro said. 

Even during crunch time with finals nearing, students really stepped up to be team leads and offer a variety of concept possibilities.”

Student involved in the Stamps mural project include:

  • Abigail Rankin (BFA 22)
  • Alyssa Wilcome (BFA 24)
  • Ashlee Freeman (BFA 24)
  • Brianna Manzor (BFA 23)
  • Coco DelVecchio (BFA 24)
  • Emily Holtz (BFA 23)
  • Erin Walski (BFA 22)
  • Huanyuan Li (BFA 21)
  • Isabella Kehoe (BFA 23)
  • Jaymes Walker (BFA 22)
  • Kyra Koprowski (BFA 22)
  • Lee Hubbel (BFA 21)
  • Madisyn Hicks (BFA 22)
  • Michelle Ha (BFA 22)
  • Natalie Guisinger (BFA 21)
  • Nicole White (BFA 22)
  • Riley Parrish (BFA 21)
  • Saima Siddiqui (BFA 24)
  • Samuel Turner (BFA 23)
  • Sarah Dettling (BFA 24)
  • Shivalika Kohli (BFA 23)
  • Sophia Schwartz (BFA 21)
  • Stephanie Li (BFA 21)
  • Valerie Le (BFA 21)
  • Violet Flores (BFA 23)
  • Victor Garcia (BFA 24)
  • XiaoYu Che (BFA 21)
  • Yasmine Elhagehassan (BFA 23)
  • Younji (Jinny) Jin (BFA 23)
UM Grad Street Painting21071