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Joanne Leonard exhibits at HackelBury Fine Art

Collage of a painting and newspaper clipping.
MANET AND MOSCOW, 2012 by Joanne Leonard
Ink jet print 

Work by Distinguished University Professor Emerita Joanne Leonard is featured in Medium and Memory, an exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art in London, England. Medium and Memory, curated by art historian and contemporary art writer Griselda Pollock, runs until November 212023

Selections from Leonard’s ongoing project entitled Newspaper Diary” are featured in the exhibition. The project features the unique pairing of news clippings with images from art history and other books. Leonard’s daily practice of connecting images from the news with historical paintings serves to mark time in her own life. Their creation enables her personally to register the day’s passing” while responding to things in the world” as the world’s diarist in images.

Leonard is one of eight artists worldwide who are featured in the exhibition, who all share a deep engagement with the materiality of their media – painting, drawing, moving image, photography, and photo-collage – while focusing on memory – personal, historical, suppressed, discovered, and restored.”

Leonard is famous for her intimate documentary” artistic approach. Her photos and photo-collage work are often infused with layers of feminism and commentary. 

Much of my work has had a social justice dimension, and maybe that’s the most important thing,” Leonard said.​“I care that my art means something in the world.” 

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Medium and Memory
September 7 — November 21, 2023
HackelBury Fine Art, 4 Launceston Place