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Introducing the 2022-2023 Student Advisory Board

The Stamps Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a team of eight undergraduate student leaders representing diverse identities and experiences. As a group, these students will meet regularly throughout 2022 – 23 to provide input and engage in discussions on programs, new and existing initiatives, and the direction of the Stamps School of Art & Design, offering a valuable student perspective and voice. Welcome to the members of the inaugural Student Advisory Board!

Rory Kwan

Rory Kwan (BFA 24)

Creative practice: illustration, comics, character design, story, art education, animation
Pronouns: they/​them/​she/​her

Rory’s art practice is guided by their passion for mindful and genuine representation of all kinds of people, but especially those who rarely see themselves represented in a thoughtful way. She wants to help raise a more considerate and open-minded world and is excited to help amplify the voices of the Stamps student body.

Learn more about Rory on their website.

Nicole Persad

Nicole Persad (BA 25)

Creative practice: oil painting, acrylic painting, photography, illustration, and graphic design
Pronouns: she/​hers

Nicole prioritizes JDEI (justice, diversity, equity and inclusion) and is excited to incorporate these values more into the foundation of the art school, its curriculum, and its community. She focuses on intersectionality and ideas around identity and society by using different art mediums to try and bring these topics to life and bring light to issues that aren’t normally seen.

Grace Dirig

Grace Dirig (BFA 24)

Creative practice: printmaking, ceramics, illustration, and sculpture
Pronouns: she/​her

Grace’s first priority in their creative practice is to create works that make her feel happy and accomplished. If the pieces that she creates make other people happy as well it’s a job well done, even if it’s only one other person.

Colin Hunter, wearing a purple button-down shirt

Colin Hunter (BFA 25)

Creative practice: paper sculpture, 3D modeling, interdisciplinary design, and fabrication
Pronouns: he/​him

Colin’s interests in art and design lead him to work with researchers in the field of STEM where he take inspiration from his background in paper engineering and sculpture to inform new and innovative designs. His goal is to help create more connections between Stamps and the larger university as a whole, allowing art and design students to explore more interdisciplinary opportunities and make meaningful contributions to STEM

Learn more about Colin at col​in​de​sign​gallery​.com

Ikalanni Jahi (BFA 24)

Creative practice: Illustration, Painting, Graphic Design
Pronouns: she/​her

Experienced with many affairs in the Stamps school, Ikalanni allocates a lot of her time to working with many parts of Stamps staff and students organizations on how to increase the reach of diversity, equity and inclusion within our classrooms and community. As these characteristics are entwined with her art and life, she is excited to be a part of the Advisory Board to help expand that reach to all demographics!

Learn more about Ikalanni at ikalan​ni​an​gaya​.wixsite​.com

Lynn Sabieddine

Lynn Sabieddine (BFA 25)

Creative practice: Drawing, 2D Design, Mixed Media, Graphic Design
Pronouns: she/​her

As a newcomer to the massive art world and Stamps community, Lynn understands the trials and tribulations many future incoming and present undergraduate Stamps students may experience. She hopes to use the voice exhibited in her art and the privilege of being on the Stamps Advisory Board to positively influence the Stamps art community and ensure everyone is comfortable with future proposals.

Emily Mann

Emily Mann (BFA 24)

Creative practice: Printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and other fine arts
Pronouns: she/​her

Emily is passionate about promoting a lively creative environment amongst Stamps students, staff, and others in the community, championing robust making and collaboration. Some of her recent work explores themes of interconnected groups, spaces, and systems, which are ideas that inform her practical approach to community building and school initiatives with the Advisory Board.

Learn more about Emily at emi​ly​mann​.net

Madison Grosvenor

Madison Grosvenor (BFA 23)

Creative practice: Animation and illustration
Pronouns: she/​her

Madison Grosvenor uses the power of narrative and animation to create work inspired by her love and passion for the natural world and conservation efforts. Being a part of the advisory board, she hopes to be one of many voices working to better the Stamps environment.

Learn more about Madison at

Eaman Ali

Eaman Ali (BA 24)

Creative practice: Drawing, Graphic Design, Video

Eaman is a highly motivated individual with a passion for social justice and social justice education. She utilizes various mediums and avenues of art to advocate for social justice, which she intends to continue advocating for as part of the Stamps Student Advisory Board.