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Introducing 2022-2023 Stamps Engaging Leaders

Stamps Engaging Leaders is a peer-to-peer program connecting returning undergraduate students with first-year and transfer undergraduate students in order to increase a sense of connection, engagement, and community within the Stamps undergraduate community. Each year, our trained peer leaders will help introduce new students to U‑M and Stamps resources and campus culture. Welcome to our inaugural group of Stamps Peer Leaders!

Bianca Wang wears glasses, looking to the left in front of a city skyline

Bianca Wang (BFA 25)

Creative practice: illustration, graphic design
Pronouns: she/​they

I am an international student from Beijing, China. I enjoy focusing on the interdisciplinary possibilities of art-making and creative problem-solving. 
Wearing a blue U-M sweatshirt, Elaine Liu sits on bleachers

Elaine Liu (BFA 25)

Creative practice: illustration/​drawing, painting, lettering
Pronouns: she/​her

I am an eager student moving my art life from the Bay Area to Ann Arbor. I enjoy practicing all sorts of mediums and challenging myself with them.

Learn more about Elaine on her website.

Rena Grossman, wearing a black sweatshirt and holding a small white dog wearing a U of Michigan bandana

Rena Grossman (BFA 24)

Creative practice: Graphic design, product design, ceramics
Pronouns: she/​her

Hey there! I am a junior here at STAMPS also pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in Michigan and an active member in Greek life here on campus!

Emily Veguilla, wearing a black tank top, smiles

Emily Veguilla (BA 24)

Creative practice: Graphic Design, UX Design, Videography & Animation
Pronouns: she/​her

Hey! I’m a third year, dual degree student in stamps and our school of information who’s really passionate about the intersection of art and technology. I love meeting new people and can’t wait to get this year started!

Learn more about Emily on her website.

Jake C. Schraga in a blue sweater, seated at a restaurant table in front of a candle

Jake C. Schraga (BFA 24)

Creative practice: As much Art & Design as I can get my hands on
Pronouns: he/​him

Yo! I am a wild Californian taking on the midwest. I am a very diverse multidisciplinary artist so I got a whole lot of tricks up my sleeve.

Learn more about Jake on his website.

Naomi Rodriguez, wearing glasses and a black shirt and holding a microphone onstage

Naomi Nomi” Rodriguez (BFA 25)

Creative practice: video, performance design, pen & ink, mixed media collage
Pronouns: she/​her

An interdisciplinary Miami girl trying to do everything she loves all at once.

Learn more about Naomi on her website.

Noe Conahan, wearing headphones and a crown of daisies, in a grassy field

Noe Conahan (BFA 25)

Creative practice: Mixed media with a focus on ink, watercolor, and digital art/​design
Pronouns: she/​her

I’m a dual degree student in LSA and Stamps. I like learning about social issues, and how they can be engaged with through art!

Learn more about Noe on her website.

Taylor Henegar, wearing a brown sweatshirt at a restaurant table

Taylor Henegar (BFA 23)

Creative practice: Visual communications, video
Pronouns: she/​they

Hi! I transferred to Stamps in 2020. I love anything audio, animation, music, graphic design, and video related.

Learn more about Taylor on their website.

Rachel Grabow, wearing a light yellow sweater

Rachel Grabow (BFA 23)

Creative practice: Graphic Design, Apparel Design, Marketing Visuals
Pronouns: she/​her

Hi everyone! I am a senior pursuing a BFA in Art & Design at Stamps, and a minor in entrepreneurship. I love combining these skills with my passion for social work by creating apparel designs and raising money and awareness for a variety of amazing causes!

Learn more about Rachel on her website.

LaKyla Thomas poses with two panda statues

LaKyla Thomas (BFA 23)

Creative practice: Ceramics, Character Design, 3d Modeling, and Animation
Pronouns: she/​her

Hi everyone! I am a Senior working toward my BFA in Art and Design with a minor in Education for Empowerment. Having recently returned from studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea, I’m passionate about how art fosters and encourages cultural unity and understanding and helps us forge lasting bonds that celebrate both our individual and collective endeavors.

Learn more about LaKyla on her website.