Create Change: Your Support

Now more than ever, the world needs transdisciplinary collaborators, global citizens, and creative practitioners who can make a difference.

The Stamps School of Art & Design’s multi-faceted, research-based approach is responsive to this need, giving the culture-makers of tomorrow the skills they need to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Stamps scholarship recipients speak about their passion for art and the power of faculty mentorship.

The Stamps School of Art & Design prepares students to think in new ways, to educate them to become concerned world citizens, and to equip them with the skills for life-long accomplishment.

Join us in our commitment to the culture-makers of tomorrow by supporting the areas of greatest impact, including:

Student Support

Providing need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, international experience travel funding, internship support, and resourcing to ensure that our students can focus on their work without worry about the inability to afford tuition, materials, or equipment. To learn more, contact Nan Pozios (734-647-0650).


Supporting the creative work, research, and collaborative efforts of our students and faculty through the resourcing of studio spaces and classrooms. In 2019, the school created an additional 5,901 square feet to the Stamps School footprint, called the Studio Suites, through an intensive renovation project. To learn more about naming opportunities in the Studio Suites, contact Mary Alice Bankert (734-936-0678).

Opportunity Fund

Your annual gift to the Opportunity Fund supports a variety of needs, including emergency funds, professional development workshops, alumni engagement, and financial support to help our students engage with high-quality internships. To learn more, please contact Amber Connell (734-764-0586).