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Story, Word, Sound, Sway

Levester Williams, <em>“Shift, Sift, Swoosh Bods” (detail, video still),</em> 2018. HD video, color, four audio channels; 17 minutes 33 seconds (full length).
Levester Williams, Shift, Sift, Swoosh Bods” (detail, video still), 2018. HD video, color, four audio chan­nels; 17 min­utes 33 sec­onds (full length). 

January 18 – February 26, 2021


Hybrid Event

Stamps Gallery
201 South Division Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


Open to the public
Free of charge

Story, Word, Sound, Sway is an exhi­bi­tion of work by eleven Stamps School of Art & Design Alumni using per­for­mance, move­ment, text, sound, and design to inter­ro­gate sys­tems of oppres­sion and inter­rupt the sta­tus quo. It explores themes of alter­na­tive his­to­ries, archives, Black iden­tity, col­lec­tive mem­ory, sto­ry­telling; mesh­ing per­for­mance and per­for­ma­tiv­ity, and the inter­play of the oral and aural in one’s expe­ri­ence of the world. An under­cur­rent of move­ment explored in mul­ti­ple vari­a­tions thread the works together, real­ized through a vari­ety of meth­ods includ­ing painterly ges­ture, repet­i­tive mark-mak­ing, per­for­mance with an audi­ence or with­out, spo­ken word, ambi­ent sound, and reimag­ined instru­ments. The exhi­bi­tion aspires to pull at the loos­ened threads of a social fab­ric in cri­sis, reveal­ing larger com­plex his­to­ries and art dis­courses, nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally, framed through the expe­ri­ences and tra­jec­to­ries of Stamps alumni dur­ing their time in Ann Arbor, Michi­gan. The exhi­bi­tion will be accom­pa­nied by a pub­li­ca­tion that will include inter­views with each of the alumni artists con­ducted by cur­rent Stamps’ stu­dent and exhi­bi­tion co-cura­tor Mote­niola Ogundipe.

Artists: Carisa Bled­soe (BFA Inter­arts 14), Schroeder Cherry (BFA 76), Elshafei Dafalla (MFA 08), Masimba Hwati (MFA 19), Caleb Moss (BFA 13), Sen­g­hor Reid (BFA 99), Valen­cia Robin (MFA 08), Yvette Rock (MFA 99), Wes Tay­lor (BFA 04), Levester Williams (BFA 13), and Eliz­a­beth Young­blood (BFA 73)

Story, Word, Sound, Sway is co-curated by Jen­nifer Junker­meier-Khan and Mote­niola Ogundipe.


Stamps Gallery

201 South Division Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

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