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A black sculpture sitting on a wooden table. The sculpture spirals up from a round base to a point at the top, almost in the shape of a tear. There are faces portruding out of the base of the sculpture.

Not the Only One V1. Beta 2

Stephanie Dinkins

Deep Learning AI, Computer, Arduino, Sensors, Electronics, 2018

Not The Only One (N'TOO) is an ongoing experiment. It is an attempt to create a multigenerational memoir of a Black American family told from the perspective of an artificial intelligence (AI) of evolving intellect. It is a voice-interactive AI entity designed, trained, and aligned with the concerns and ideals of people who are underrepresented in the tech sector. N'TOO reflects and is empowered to pursue the goals of its community through deep learning algorithms (chatbot), creating a new kind of conversant archive.

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