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We see the large panoramic window of Cepelia Pavilion building in Warsaw. Inside the window there is a mural on the whole wall. It is an azure and orange flag with a phrase written on top. There are people inside on the background of the mural, as this is the opening of the exhibition.
Photograph by Wojtek Radwanski. Warsaw under Construction X festival.

Ukrainian-Polish flag

Oksana Briukhovetska

Paint on the wall, 2018


The “Ukrainian-Polish flag” is a color mix of Ukrainian and Polish flags. It is a symbolic embodiment of the idea of equality, which is difficult to pursue in political life. It is possible, however, in art, for example by evenly mixing different colors of paint: blue with white makes azure, red and yellow — orange. The sentence “has not died yet” opens both the Polish and Ukranian national anthems.