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Two lunches compared together.

Lunch ‘81

Osman Khan

Digital Archive Prints, 2016

Here, last night’s curry (keema with aloo) between whole wheat bread, toasted, with a smear of mayonnaise, an apple lovingly sliced and peeled early in the morning but since browned, boxed apple juice... There, white bread (likely Wonder), green lettuce, slice of American cheese (Kraft crafted), bologna (perhaps the one that comes with both a first and second name), snack bag of Cheetos (with 40% more cheese flavor), (there’s only one) Caprisun fruit punch. Through the eyes of a seven year old, how could shades of cardboard compete against the tricolors of a bologna sandwich, pink, yellow and green on a field of white, yes, that was a sandwich (all food groups represented and that’s just in the bologna) equally tempting and forbidden (bologna available at that time contained pork) and Cheetos, crunchy clouds whose orange dust lingered on your fingers, and holy shit is that a Caprisun (just having been released to the US in 1981), fuck cardboard boxes that fun juice came in a spacerace metal pouch! And lest you still pine for Ammi’s masala, that molder of American opinion, TV, affirmed that they were no commercials of kids singing for their C U R R Y, and that yes this pop colored cornucopia of processed consumables, this, this, and not your brown fare, was what America was made of.

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