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Collage of images on top of one another

Learning To Be A Human (I-IV)

Anthony Keith Giannini

Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, 2018

Presented in serial format, Learning How To Be A Human (I-V) explores how visual information may be edited or altered to convey new meanings. Each painting suggests that the movements of the body have meaning: a suggestion that nonverbal cues are critical to communication. Cropped images are arranged, painted, and re-printed into layered “cells”, containing a broad range of gestures relating to the current events and personal ephemera. Imagery is archived on a daily basis from various digital and physical sources. In response to the daily bombardment of imagery, Giannini has referred to these works as ‘sorting through the mess’. Learning How To Be A Human Body (I-V) reflects on the notion of housing daily imagery and its psychological effect, or reside, on the mind and body.

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