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Repetive imagry on a Canvas

Table Top Still Life (Residuum 4)

Anthony Keith Giannini

Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, 2018

Table Top Still Life (Residuum 3) is an inundation of repetitive imagery and digital culture. Entwined by a rigorous formal complexity, the work pools the daily and temporary stock of flashing images extracted from a rapidly changing environment. Compositions for the paintings derive from photographs taken of tabletop still lifes that are arranged using archived news clippings and personal ephemera. These images are torn, cut, and loosely placed. Cropped images are arranged into layered cells, containing a broad range of gestures found in the current political climate. Visual offerings for a nonverbal display of dominance. In Critique of the Everyday, Henri Lefebvre suggests that a work of art acts as a ‘play-generating yeast’ in the everyday; an action of splitting down into simpler substances alongside the process of fermentation, agitation and disruption.

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