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2024 MFA Profile

Krista Sheneman


Krista Sheneman explores home and the weight we carry throughout our lives with her thesis project, "Limited Landscape." Through a meticulous investigation, Sheneman delves into the intricate dynamics of external and internal landscapes, unraveling the complex relationships we hold with the land and our bodies and how these intersect with how we care for each.

In "Limited Landscape," viewers are invited to experience the weight we carry—physically and emotionally—through the installation. Sheneman delves deep into the essence of home, not merely as a physical space but as a repository of memories, emotions, and responsibilities. Through evocative imagery and reflective narratives, Sheneman examines how our care for the land mirrors our care for our bodies and vice versa, revealing the subtle parallels between nurturing the earth and ourselves.

"Limited Landscape" offers a poignant reflection on how we nurture and steward our external and internal worlds. Through Shenman's insightful inquiry, viewers are invited to contemplate the overlaps and intersections between caring for the land and caring for our bodies, as well as the profound implications this has on our sense of belonging and identity.