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This image shows an oil painting from the perspective of a gas station cashier behind the counter. There is a cash register, a corkboard scattered with notes, and a male customer who is positioned on the far right side of the picture plane. In the center of the canvas is a large window, facing out towards gas pumps and trees. A cashier is reflected in the window, stocking cigarettes.


Hannah Buchanan

Oil on canvas, wood, and cardboard


While two separate series are on display, my work ultimately weaves together personal narratives as an act of remembering, honoring, and preserving the landscapes and spaces in which I was raised. My paintings explore how these spaces serve as confluences of relationships, history, and memory for my family and a rural community. They memorialize and elevate seemingly mundane places that serve as the foreground to life’s complexities and beauty.

One series delves more into my family’s gas station that was sold this year and stitches together different eras and people I’ve met in this business. The other series focuses on the body of water that my family has constructed their lives around and that has served as the backdrop of my childhood.

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