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This is a replication of my grandmothers doily made out of brass and powder coated white to look like lace from the front side. The piece folds inwards to just a quarter of the size to mimic how a regular fabric doily would lay on a persons head.

The Holy One (Shirley)

Lily Gandhi

Jewelry - Brass, Powder coating, Pink ribbon

Observed meanings of dress are ambiguous and subjective, not necessarily shared between the wearer and the perceiver. Symbolism holds an equally important aspect of dress in addition to outward appearance. I have created a doily hand cut out of brass and powder-coated white to represent the lace doilies typically worn by married Jewish women at Shul. This doily is meant to represent the doily that was my grandmother's. The piece pays homage to her, and when I wear it I am dressed and looked over by her and all of the matriarchs in our family. I hope that the doily becomes a family heirloom to be passed down and dress the future women of our family.