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there are two feminine figures intertwined on four conjoined canvases. both are rosey in color tone, but one side has a more realistic value scale on the left while the other is inverted on the right - the inverted woman is laying her head in the other's shoulder. the woman on the left is emphasized as the canvas has been cut to follow the lines of her form, the woman on the right is behind a grid of scaled up skin cells. unseen by a singular image, you can use a uv flashlight to expose the hidden veins and skeletons within each figure.

under the microscope

Ikalanni Jahi

oil paint / mixed media on canvas + wood panel

this piece was the final project for the "where do paintings come from?" class i took in 2022, as a culmination of work over the whole semester . it's a collision of art, science, and a tad of existentialism . my influences lie in the innate fascination i have with the human body and how it moves beneath the surface (hence the name) . bodies both in motion and in stillness hold energy in places we can't see through the blood in our veins and the ligaments holding our musculature together, but the small electric pulses within continue to drive us forward without recognition - this piece is a bit of a metaphor in regards to wanting to be seen as something more . microscopic skin cells and hidden uv elements add to the mystery behind our figures, and a separation i sometimes feel between me and my own skin . i hope viewers can see the intentional dig i’m making into those unseen parts of ourselves .