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The image above features a plaster sculpture that resembles a human body melting and merging with a chair. The body itself is limbless, white, and resembles a shell that is held up by a network of ropes integrated within the cavities of the body to the corner of the frame. It features chains and plaster-covered fallen tissue that resembles the dissolution of the entity depicted within the image.


Sonia Xiang

Found Object Sculpture, Plaster

istheresomeonehome? aims to explore concepts of bodily identity and transhumanism through the rejection of the binary body. The work features a shell of a human figure that has now merged with what was once a chair frame. The body is rendered limbless, left with cavities and cracks that expose structures below; revealing pieces of second-hand technology integrated within. These items that once interacted with a multiplicity of bodies in their intended form are now suspended in a state in which they have been stripped of their ability to perform as intended. In this uselessness, they are forced to take on another purpose through the integration with the body. Utilized for their form to replicate gendered organs (phallus and breasts), the technological objects must now take on the role of gendering a body as nongendered objects. In this exploration of technology merging with the body, and how it relates to memory, belonging, and transient forms of being, the work aims to depict an existence that resides in a state of suspension.