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This image shows Skógafoss, a well-known waterfall in Iceland, during winter. The waterfall is in full flow, with water forcefully descending into the river below. Snow and ice partially cover the surrounding cliffs and ground, indicating cold weather conditions. The contrast between the white snow and the dark rocks creates a dramatic natural scene.

To Capture Time - Titanfall

Boya (Selina) Gong


A failed engine, flight delays, lost luggage – it seemed every misfortune had befallen me. Racing through airports in Rome and Copenhagen, battling against time and wind, I finally landed in Iceland a day late and utterly weary. The apologetic smile of the bus counter lady at Reykjavík airport made it clear: I had missed joining my travel group. After a day spent in the hotel, an unexpected opportunity arose for a day trip, which I grabbed without hesitation. Recently, I heard about an impending volcanic eruption in Iceland, threatening to engulf the landscape. While relieved that the natural wonders I had witnessed would remain untouched, I regretted not having a bit more time – perhaps I could have seen more sights soon to vanish from the map. My childhood dreams of Notre Dame, thwarted by disaster, now echo in my appreciation for photography - our means to capture time. Whether it is the majestic fall of water, the splash and roar of nature's dance, or the brushstrokes of culture and time, It is in these frozen frames that we hold on to life’s ephemeral beauties, preserving them against time’s relentless march. Through the lens, we capture time.