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Six Palestinian children of varying ages standing defiantly atop rubble. A rifle scope is pointed at them. Above the children, two hands are shaking: a hand with the United States flag on its sleeve and another with the Israeli flag on its sleeve. Blood dripping down their hands and onto the rubble behind the children. In front of the children, an injured elderly man is prostrated on the ground, praying. Another man screams into the air, tears running down his face. To the right of the man, a frightened woman flees.

Long Live the Children of Palestine

Yassmine El-Rewini


I made this piece in response to the genocide happening in Palestine. I was horrified by what I was seeing: bodies sprawled on the ground, families weeping and screaming for the world to hear them, children receiving surgery without anesthesia… the list goes on. And in the midst of all this, a complete disregard and lack of compassion from the Western world and leaders of our country. I wanted you, the viewer, to witness a scene in Gaza right now. Everything around you destroyed, blood everywhere, people crying and mourning the loss of their loved ones. I wanted you to look directly at the children affected by this. To see them as humans, not numbers. I chose to place you behind the scope of a rifle because our country and world’s apathy toward Palestinian suffering is responsible for killing these children. I also included symbols of resistance and hope. Despite their wounds, fear, and grief, the children are still standing before you—one of them even looking you dead in the eye. No matter how much the world turns against them, Palestinians will not abandon their land, people, or right to be free from occupation.