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The someone who sits in a wheelchair for an extended period needs to engage in various activities—reading, eating, watching, and napping. This new, comfortable design will enhance the quality of life in the wheelchair.

Napping Wheel-Chair

David Byun

paper. pen, marker

The current wheelchairs is notably uncomfortable, particularly at nursing homes where the elderly often spend extended hours seated. Unfortunately, the discomfort of existing wheelchairs hinders their ability to comfortably sit, impacting their overall well-being. My goal is to innovate and create a wheelchair specifically tailored for the comfort and convenience of nursing home residents. This new design prioritizes a comfortable and ergonomic structure, allowing individuals to sit for prolonged durations without experiencing discomfort. Moreover, the redesigned wheelchair incorporates modern technology, providing users with a touch-screen phone interface connected to various applications. This feature enables residents to control different aspects of their environment effortlessly. From adjusting seating positions for optimal comfort to managing entertainment options like watching TV, and relaxation purposes, the wheelchair becomes a versatile hub for their daily activities. This innovative design aims to create a healthier and more enjoyable experience for individuals who spend a significant portion of their day in a wheelchair. On purpose, I did not include any letters with the drawing. The illustration conveys everything by simply observing it.