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turning(s) a-way

Darren Spirk

Analog photography, collage, montage, sound art, 2022


This ongoing project questions the grounds on which disruptive visual tools and approaches may continue to reappropriate the same logical structures that they aim to overcome. Here, a series of analog photographs that frame isolated segments of my upper body as I physically turn from the camera also reveal variegated spatial dynamics of the photographic encounter via the rhythms of my body in relation to the shutter. Through the juxtaposing and collaging of these images—some of which are double exposed, others cut and re-spliced together—a field of indeterminacy is produced that both critiques visibility and nevertheless attempts to work within its inevitabilities. This looping video presents dizzying series of images made from the same 24 frames from the original film roll and incorporates an asynchronous soundscape of noises made by my camera, where the fast-paced juxtaposition of the technological intermittently echoes human-adjacent noises of gulping or bone crunching.

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