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Kuan-Ting Ho: An Integrated Way to Take Better Physician Notes

An Integrated Way to Take Better Physician Notes

Kuan-Ting Ho

Electronic Health Record (EHR) data integrity is being gradually threatened by the growing reliance on the electronic note’s content-importing and auto-populating functions. It is important to highlight the less-perceptible value of handwritten notes, which allow nuances and a higher resolution of patient needs to be captured and processed, during the course of future EHR development.

This project maps out the strength and weaknesses of both modes of note-taking and provides a design solution, the NoteExpert. By bridging the use of EHR and bedside handwritten notes, it aims to advocate note taking by hand without sacrificing the efficiency and accuracy of a computer-based system.

Kuan-Ting Ho is a 2017 MDes in Integrative Design candidate.