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MDes Collaborative Work: Integrative Pathways to Care

Integrative Pathways to Care

MDes Collaborative Work

Healthcare is not housed in one location or set at one time. For patients, healthcare is a circuit of experiences with systems, providers, diagnostics, procedures, therapies, waiting rooms, ambulance rides, discharge summaries, and hospital beds. The transitions between care are where human details, whether patient, care team, or caregiver, can recede to the periphery.

Centering on the patient perspective, the inaugural cohort of the Master’s of Design in Integrative Design program worked together, with, and for partners, stakeholders, and constituents in a two-year collaboration to improve care transitions. After building cross-disciplinary relationships, creating actionable insights from deep inquiry, offering outsider perspectives, and facilitating development of a shared strategy, the Integrative Design team co-created a series of complementary interventions. Infused with empathy, this exhibition demonstrates the values-based approach of Integrative Design.