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Viviana Pernot: Calles Cubanas

Calles Cubanas

Viviana Pernot

'Calles Cubanas' loosly translated as 'The Streets of Cuba' As a Cuban woman raised in the U.S. my curiosity and need to discover my heritage took me to Havana recently. What could have been my life had my grandparents luck run out on them, was front and foremost in my mind; this could have been me. These moments in Cuba were captured because I felt such startling ambiguity when experiencing them. A wide array of emotions and questions surfaced when I first met these people and photographing them was instinctual for me. Often it’s the simple scenes that can imply but not be clearly definitive in their meaning. Likewise, each viewer of these photographs will see their own innuendoes or ambiguities as I have found myself.