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Melis Agabigum: [Life] Unfolds in Pools of Black [you took it away]

[Life] Unfolds in Pools of Black [you took it away]

Melis Agabigum

I explore materiality and the physical or emotional connections that occur between body and object. Ambiguous, skeletal-like vessels develop from the subconscious motions that my hands enact a I work my way through concepts like burden and emotional baggage. The act of making becomes a ritual of give and take; resulting in a materialization of my emotional investments in fixating, obsessing, and working through a problem. Dramatic lighting to cast crisp, elongated shadows, enforce the idea that burden can also be a remnant of an unforeseen force or entity. They become ominous presences that linger through my drawings on the walls. They exist as liminal webs, which pull the viewer in and extend beyond the boundaries set by tangible materiality.