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Titus Brooks Heagins: Omi, From the Series “Trans-Cuba”

Omi, From the Series “Trans-Cuba”

Titus Brooks Heagins

It has been said that I am obsessed with creating beautiful images regardless the subject matter. I believe that the beauty in the experiences of the “outsider” simply doesn’t escape my eye. My photography is rooted in and dedicated to the expressive documentary spirit and tradition. Within that spirit, authorship and a personal visual aesthetic should be grounded in humanistic stories and themes. For the past several years, my visual obsession has embraced the documentary portrait. I attempt to locate and capture the essence of the sitter’s complicated state of mind and state of being. Ideally, the portrait within the frame renders the totality of the sitter’s emotional range and the complexity of his or her situation. Fear, curiosity, resignation, resilience, achievement and failure are integral to the body language and facial expression. The images become two-dimensional provocations of silent statements and are unavoidable confrontations between the viewer and sitter. My photography endeavors to introduce the subject into the lives of the viewers in ways that influence their day-to day experience. Finally, I seek to create an image that is a fusion of my technical acumen and the sitter’s physical, emotional, and experiential states.