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Ruth Howell: The Gilded World of ZaraZote Koi

The Gilded World of ZaraZote Koi

Ruth Howell

This piece is the fourth in a series of large scale work that explores time and space, as well as, texture, color and light. It was created to contrast with a textural piece made in 2016 in which the multitude of things that create havoc and stress in our lives was explored. The process of creating art has become as much a part of my work as the end result. I enjoy working with the wide range of media available to artists today and try to remain open to the possibilities that they create. Inspiration comes from travel and the images of sculpture, landscape and architecture that I have collected while traveling. An interest in ancient art and architecture and the idea that you can reach out and touch something that another artist’s hand created thousands of years ago inspires me. The fact that something so fragile can survive generations becomes a metaphor for life… we are vulnerable yet we endure. I am motivated to explore our connections to the past and to create narratives about life through alternate realities.