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Shannon Kohlitz: A Tutorial in the Language of Trump’s Hands

A Tutorial in the Language of Trump’s Hands

Shannon Kohlitz

We all know President Trump says outlandish things. Then, when the media takes him at his word, it is up to his staff to interpret his statements in a more benign manner. They insist that his real supporters understand his innuendoes. However this has created an ambiguous climate for trying to understand what he means. As one reporter has said, “This is what makes covering Donald Trump so very difficult. What does he mean, when he says, ‘words?’” So I suggest avoiding this ambiguity by translating the next most expressive part of our communication skills, hand movements. Fortunately for us, President Trump has wonderfully expressive hand movements. And as the success of fake news has proven, the most effective way to share dubious content is through short, out of context and outrageously interpreted forms of media on the social web. Hence, I give you the highly accurate tutorials in the language of Trump’s hands. A Tutorial in the Language of Trump’s Hands is a political satire that breaks down candidate, president-elect and president Trump’s hand motions so that finally, we can all understand what he means by “words.” Animator & Concept // Shannon Kohlitz Voiceover // Samantha Norman See more @TrumpHandsTuts on Instagram and Twitter

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