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Bettyann Seltzer/Pober: Schoolyard Games A-F

Schoolyard Games A-F

Bettyann Seltzer/Pober

In "Schoolyard Games A-F", the viewer is confronted with questions: Why use a capricious medium such as watercolor, with computer imagery and typography? What is the reason to use an old-fashioned childhood verse? What does a childhood game have to do with the three adult female figures? Does the juxtaposition of the above elements describe the gamble of Life and Art? Perhaps the proper response to all of the posed questions is Go Fish! Or, perhaps, there is an ambiguity or innuendo that was missed and the work has a completely different meaning. This image is a watercolor collage that utilizes traditional watercolor, watercolor crayons and paper products. It also features computer manipulation of original images as well as computer typography.