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Michelle Sider: On the Side of the Road

On the Side of the Road

Michelle Sider

Michelle Y. Sider Vivid colors, strong design and a sense of movement characterize my art. I work in multi media including: mosaics, watercolor, pastel, oil, charcoal, pencil and acrylic. I am fascinated with the way in which light plays upon surfaces. This fascination has led me to recent experiments combining glass mosaics with other materials. I have found that this combination heightens emotional responses to my work. This piece represents my reactions to riding my bicycle on the side of Michigan roads. This can be an unpredictable and at times joyous, frightening, peaceful, exhilarating and exasperating experience. The uncertainty of riding along cracked, bumpy and pothole strewn surfaces creates an ever changing experience which has inspired this series of pieces. Most recently, I traveled for five weeks to learn new mosaic techniques from Israeli artists Pini Ben Gur and Edna Segev. I am continually pushing myself to learn new techniques and experiment with fresh ideas.