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Alisa Yang: Please Come Again

Please Come Again

Alisa Yang

The essay film narrates the collective and personal memory of three generations of Asian women through the lens of Japanese love hotels. Japan’s Love hotels offer a private space for not only for sex, but for intimacy and freedom of expression in a culture that demands selfless conformity, especially women. In the summer of 2015, the artist went to Kyoto and Osaka with the intention of filming the changes of love hotel affected by the recent obscenity law. While Yang was there, she saw the transition of women from pleasing others to pleasing themselves in the transformation of love hotels. Yang incorporates the collective and personal memory of three generations of women in an Asian American family into the narrative journey of navigating the themed rooms in love hotels. Exploring these spaces as a metaphor for the female body. Please come again is a poetic contemplation in one’s sexuality, femininity, and cultural identity. It represents an important departure from the traditional patriarchy, one that demands the role of women to ignore their own desires and pleasures in order to serve their husband, family, and society.

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